UK Sick of Pesticides campaign

The Sick of Pesticides campaign has been launched as part of a Europe-wide initiative to raise awareness of the links between pesticides and cancer. The aim is to put pressure on governments to encourage them to set up an ambitious National Action Plan for Pesticide Reduction and to help people and public bodies to rapidly reduce their dependence on pesticides.

Set up by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), an international non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, the aim is to encourage wider public involvement on pesticide policy.

In November 2008, HEAL and the Mouvement pour les Droits et le Respect des Générations Futures launched the first activities in France. Activities in the UK Sick of Pesticides campaign began around the same time.

In January 2009, new European rules sought to remove the risks associated with pesticide exposure for the environment and especially in relation to human health. Public awareness raising about these new rules is particularly important for the UK where the government has been reluctant about the new legislation.

In 2010, we extended the campaign and to Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary. We have found brilliant partners to take the lead in each country - in Belgium Inter-Environnement Wallonie; in Hungary the Clean Air Action Group; and in the Netherlands, Leefmilieu.

Along with our help they will be organising workshops at national level with other NGOs to create coordinated approaches to help change pesticides policy for better health and a better environment. You may have also seen that we have launched this website in Hungarian, French and Dutch so that citizens from each country can learn more about pesticides and health as well as what they can do to help change policy.

We’ll update these pages frequently with news of the campaign but if you have any questions, or if you’d like to start a campaign in your country just send Anne Stauffer, The Policy Manager at HEAL an email.

We also have a campaign newsletter - you can sign up here.